The meeting was called to order by Mike Nietman at 1:05pm, on Tom Feeney’s patio, Racine. Members absent were: B. Brzezinski, K. Borman , and J. Kaul.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: John Rummel requested more information for the WCA website. Larry Kress is the Veep for the Milwaukee Chess Foundation, Arlen Walker is the President. The MCF was incorporated in 1954 in order to hold a U.S. Open, it became non-profit a few months later.

MINUTES: 5/24 meeting: add Fond du Lac and Selig for clarity, item 18a.

6/20 meeting: misc. spelling errors corrected.

MOTION to accept ( Hoffman/Feeney), Carries.

  1. 1998 STATE CLOSED FINAL: TABLED until more members present.
  2. 1998-99 JUNIOR/ VETERAN’S OPEN PROGRESS: TLA taken care of, flyers will be folded after meeting, the dates are secure for the next few years.
  3. 1998 NORTH CENTRAL OPEN PROGRESS: flyers are in progress, tla sent in, contract is signed.
  4. 1998 SCHRAMM MEMORIAL: Flyers are ready, will be folded after the meeting. Contract is done for many years,(see Junior open), Schramm flyers will be folded together with Junior and NCO flyers.
  5. 1999 STATE PROGRESS REPORT: Mike Selig had a meeting with the people in charge in Fond du Lac, and he reports that everything is OK.
  6. PUBLICATIONS REPORT: Mike Selig: the WCA can print 300 copies of a magazine for $233 per issue, 12 pages including a cover sheet. There still is nobody interested in being the editor. Also no idea about how much the budget would be, staff size, or other misc. details. Jokes about Erbach and his failed magazines.
  7. Y2K NATIONAL H.S. CHAMPIONSHIP UPDATE: Mike Nietman will investigate the Milwaukee Center with Arlen Walker Monday after the Western Open. 24,000 sq. ft. area. There also is a west auditorium, 21,000 sq. ft. that is $1100 less per day. The Grand Hotel has 2 ballrooms, 14,000 sq. ft, and 10,000 sq. ft. The Grand is offering all their rooms comp. If there is 80% booked. The Grand will also work with the Best Western 1 block away for extra rooms, and offer a $3 per night kickback, and $69 per night rooms. There are some drawbacks, but nothing excessive.
  8. ROHLAND TROPHY PURCHASE: Nothing yet received from Jack’s trophies in Appleton. Research will have to be made to find winners back to 1973.
  10. 1999 ELO BIDS: none yet.
  11. 1998 U.S. OPEN REVIEW: Only one day of Delegates meetings. Of the 40,000+ ballots sent out for “one man, one vote,” only about 400+ were returned. Other topics of discussion involved the usual topics, delegates frolicking, partying, and misc. debauchery.
  12. 1998-99 DELEGATE AND VOTING MEMBER SELECTION: The WCA receives another voting member. MOTION to keep the same voting members, and elevate Josh Kaul from Alternate to full Voting Member: (Noel/Hoffman), Carries 6-0
  13. 1997-98 SASP REVIEW AND 98-99 PROPOSAL: Mike Nietman handed out a list of SASP projects and costs from 97-98. For 98-99, the WCA will receive $599. $160 fir the WEAC convention, $100 for Junior mailings, $100 for Denker rep. $100 for Selig retirement fund, possibly some for Rohland Cup. Mike Nietman will do the creative accounting to bring the amounts into reality.
  14. MERIT AWARD PROGRAM REPORT: 1998 Green Bay open cleared by Jerry Noel. 1997 G.B.O. and 1998 Arver also qualify. MOTION to raise the maximum number of Merit Awards to 2 per fiscal Year (Selig/Krumenauer), Carries 4-0-2 (MN&GH abstain).