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42nd Green Bay Open (07/07)


42nd Green Bay Open (07/07)
US Open (07/28)

1999 Scholastic Championships - Junior Varsity Results


           Junior Varsity Team Results

Plc   Name (Team members:Top 4 used)       Score

 1    Madison West High School (9)......... 19.0
 2    Marquette University High School (8). 18.5
 3    Milwaukee Rufus King HS (7).......... 18.0
 4    Milwaukee South Division HS (4)...... 17.0
 5    West Bend High School (14)........... 16.0
 6- 7 Two Rivers Washington High Schoo (10) 15.5
 6- 7 Antigo High School (7)............... 15.5
 8    Milwaukee Juneau High School (7)..... 15.0
 9    Racine Walden III High School (6).... 14.5
10-11 Nicolet High School (4).............. 13.0
10-11 Milwaukee Thomas More High School (4) 13.0
12    Hartford Union High School (5)....... 12.5
13-14 University School of Milwaukee (3)... 11.0
13-14 Jefferson High School (4)............ 11.0
15-17 Green Bay East High School (2)....... 10.0
15-17 Milwaukee Bay View High School (3)... 10.0
15-17 Kewaskum High School (5)............. 10.0
18    Shorewood High School (3)............  9.0
19-21 Oconomowoc High School (3)...........  7.0
19-21 St. John's Military Academy (3)......  7.0
19-21 Neenah High School (3)...............  7.0
22-24 Manitowoc Wilson Junior HS (1).......  6.0
22-24 Milwaukee Vincent High School (2)....  6.0
22-24 Milwaukee Madison University HS (3)..  6.0
25    Wautoma High School (2)..............  5.5
26-27 Franklin High School (3).............  5.0
26-27 Milwaukee Tech High School (4).......  5.0
28    Oconomowoc Middle School (2).........  4.5
29-30 Merrill Middle, Oshkosh (1)..........  4.0
29-30 Milwaukee School of Languages (2)....  4.0
31    Milwaukee Pulaski High School (2)....  3.5
32    Milwaukee Marshall High School (1)...  3.0
33    Milwaukee North Division HS (1)......  2.0
34-35 Milwaukee Riverside University HS (1)  1.0
34-35 St. John Neumann, Oshkosh (1)........  1.0

           Junior Varsity Individual Results

 No    Name              Team                     Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Pts  TB1  TB2

  1 La Cosse, Paul       Manitowoc Wilson JHS     W84  W66  W44  W21  W9   W7   6.0  21.0 48.0
  2 Rackley, Adam        Green Bay East HS        W123 W8   W81  W31  W15  W5   6.0  21.0 45.0

  3 Allie, Kyle          Two Rivers HS            -B-  D11  W42  W80  W72  W29  5.5

  4 Machi, John          Marquette HS             W12  W104 W6   W48  L5   W41  5.0  22.5
  5 Xiong, Jerry         Milw King HS             W139 W22  W55  W39  W4   L2   5.0  22.0
  6 Terao, Ken           Madison West HS          W25  W28  L4   W84  W39  W44  5.0  21.0 38.0
  7 Vongsoury, Tomas     Milw South Division HS   W91  W54  W20  W35  W29  L1   5.0  21.0 35.0
  8 Delgado, Arturo      Milw South Division HS   W71  L2   W119 W28  W19  W36  5.0  21.0 34.0
  9 Carr, Jeremy         Marquette HS             W70  W62  W95  W37  L1   W23  5.0  20.0
 10 Chiesa, Chris        Madison West HS          W13  W65  L35  W95  W33  W48  5.0  19.5
 11 Dang, Lisa           Milw Juneau HS           W112 D3   W26  W94  W68  D15  5.0  19.0 32.5
 12 Benbow, Eden         Madison West HS          L4   W121 W71  W75  W35  W32  5.0  19.0 31.0
 13 Nagorny, Jeremy      Hartford Union HS        L10  W137 W61  W81  W64  W37  5.0  17.0
 14 Moll, Jesse          Milw King HS             L18  W115 W130 W55  W74  W17  5.0  16.0

 15 DiCruzo, Neil        Marquette HS             W72  W82  W18  W19  L2   D11  4.5

 16 Austin, Andy         Antigo HS                W68  L21  W105 L60  W53  W52  4.0
 17 Boer, Jacob          Nicolet HS               W69  W92  L31  W27  W22  L14  4.0
 18 Carhart, David       Univ School of Milw      W14  W64  L15  D76  W50  D25  4.0
 19 Derleth, Justin      Milw Thomas More HS      W135 W41  W59  L15  L8   W67  4.0
 20 Finn, Nate           Marquette HS             W73  W116 L7   L23  W96  W83  4.0
 21 Glatz, Nick          Green Bay East HS        W127 W16  W74  L1   L23  W58  4.0
 22 Green, Pete          West Bend HS             W77  L5   W43  W106 L17  W80  4.0
 23 Heiden, Jacob        West Bend HS             W50  L27  W66  W20  W21  L9   4.0
 24 Hergst, Aaron        Milw King HS             W43  L81  W87  L64  W82  W69  4.0
 25 Imig, Paul           Milw Thomas More HS      L6   W134 W70  D50  W94  D18  4.0
 26 Jochins, Eric        Oconomowoc HS            -H-  W49  L11  W101 W47  D34  4.0
 27 Kacala, Adam         Racine Walden III HS     W137 W23  L29  L17  W54  W55  4.0
 28 Kraemer-Kuhn, Josh   West Bend HS             W118 L6   W54  L8   W99  W60  4.0
 29 Kramer, Josh         Antigo HS                W119 W106 W27  W32  L7   L3   4.0
 30 Krukowski, Rachel    Racine Walden III HS     L82  W77  W114 L33  W106 W72  4.0
 31 Loehnertz, Tom       Madison West HS          W51  W99  W17  L2   L37  W75  4.0
 32 Loos, J.R.           Kewaskum HS              W130 W136 W36  L29  W60  L12  4.0
 33 Lu, Yao              Milw King HS             W96  L59  W124 W30  L10  W64  4.0
 34 Muskett, Doug        Two Rivers HS            L54  W89  W73  W40  D48  D26  4.0
 35 Nicoles, Carl        St. John's Military Acad W138 W101 W10  L7   L12  W76  4.0
 36 Osman, Mohamed       Madison West HS          W100 W80  L32  W109 W46  L8   4.0
 37 Peterson, Chris      Univ School of Milw      W131 W111 W46  L9   W31  L13  4.0
 38 Schwabe, Jay         Milw Juneau HS           L59  W125 W110 W51  L44  W56  4.0
 39 Schwartz, Justin     Antigo HS                W132 W40  W109 L5   L6   W51  4.0
 40 Smith, James         Milw Bay View HS         W60  L39  W98  L34  W110 W85  4.0
 41 Solano, Wilmer       Milw South Division HS   W133 L19  W58  W104 W52  L4   4.0
 42 Stolzenberg, David   Madison West HS          W107 D88  L3   W49  D76  W68  4.0
 43 Tenor, Julia         Oshkosh Merrill MS       L24  W86  L22  W71  W70  W74  4.0
 44 Troedel, Aaron       West Bend HS             W124 W85  L1   W56  W38  L6   4.0
 45 Troedel, Adam        West Bend HS             D47  D56  W65  L74  W66  W59  4.0
 46 Truong, Mike         Milw Vincent HS          W89  W61  L37  W85  L36  W84  4.0

 47 Kerlin, Dan          Antigo HS                D45  L94  X90  W88  L26  W91  3.5
 48 Peterson, Robert     Racine Walden III HS     W86  W57  W67  L4   D34  L10  3.5
 49 Smith, Kurt          West Bend HS             -H-  L26  W137 L42  W121 W93  3.5
 50 Swoboda, Chris       Shorewood HS             L23  W63  W92  D25  L18  W94  3.5

 51 Anderson, Aaron      West Bend HS             L31  W93  W135 L38  W107 L39  3.0
 52 Baldwin, Stephen     Milw Juneau HS           L136 W83  W120 W67  L41  L16  3.0
 53 Brandt, Dan          Milw Bay View HS         L111 L58  W103 W132 L16  W98  3.0
 54 Carson, Duncan       Nicolet HS               W34  L7   L28  W112 L27  W113 3.0
 55 Connell, Matt        Milw Juneau HS           W93  W98  L5   L14  W62  L27  3.0
 56 Delrow, Brandon      Neenah HS                D94  D45  W113 L44  W65  L38  3.0
 57 Galli, John          Madison West HS          X140 L48  L72  L105 W135 W88  3.0
 58 Ginter, Chris        West Bend HS             L76  W53  L41  W113 W63  L21  3.0
 59 Grebner, Ben         Nicolet HS               W38  W33  L19  L72  W77  L45  3.0
 60 Haban, Nate          Two Rivers HS            L40  W91  W102 W16  L32  L28  3.0
 61 Jain, Vikas          Univ School of Milw      -B-  L46  L13  W87  L67  W120 3.0
 62 Jerabek, Jordan      Two Rivers HS            W117 L9   L68  W92  L55  W110 3.0
 63 Johannes, Louis      Wautoma HS               L80  L50  W134 W127 L58  W111 3.0
 64 Kostrowski, Ryan     Jefferson HS             W128 L18  W99  W24  L13  L33  3.0
 65 Kunicki, Robert      Milw Thomas More HS      W83  L10  L45  W135 L56  W100 3.0
 66 Landgras, Phil       Jefferson HS             W120 L1   L23  W136 L45  W107 3.0
 67 Larson, Jon          Franklin HS              W129 W110 L48  L52  W61  L19  3.0
 68 Lovinus, Adam        Marquette HS             L16  W131 W62  W111 L11  L42  3.0
 69 Mayer, Travis        West Bend HS             L17  W79  L75  W114 W78  L24  3.0
 70 Mooren, Bill         Milw Bay View HS         L9   W122 L25  W116 L43  W97  3.0
 71 O'Meara, Matt        West Bend HS             L8   W118 L12  L43  W117 W116 3.0
 72 Perkins, Joshua      Milw King HS             L15  W123 W57  W59  L3   L30  3.0
 73 Peto, Chris          Hartford Union HS        L20  W129 L34  L82  W101 W119 3.0
 74 Phillips, Keith      Two Rivers HS            W122 W105 L21  W45  L14  L43  3.0
 75 Puccinallo, John     Marquette HS             L101 W139 W69  L12  W81  L31  3.0
 76 Rytlewski, Ryan      Shorewood HS             W58  L95  W96  D18  D42  L35  3.0
 77 Schwartz, Davin      Antigo HS                L22  L30  X138 W120 L59  W99  3.0
 78 Severin, Dino        Jefferson HS             L105 W126 L85  W98  L69  W96  3.0
 79 Spencer, Matt        Racine Walden III HS     L88  L69  X126 L96  W126 W104 3.0
 80 Tollaksen, Dave      Marquette HS             W63  L36  W101 L3   W104 L22  3.0
 81 Tsi, Eddie           Nicolet HS               X90  W24  L2   L13  L75  W106 3.0
 82 Voo, Justin          Madison West HS          W30  L15  L106 W73  L24  W108 3.0
 83 Wallner, Jon         Racine Walden III HS     L65  L52  W108 W130 W100 L20  3.0
 84 White, Jessica       Milw Marshall HS         L1   W107 W127 L6   W111 L46  3.0
 85 Xiong, Ger           Milw South Division HS   W134 L44  W78  L46  W95  L40  3.0

 86 Ellenson, Mike       Oconomowoc MS            L48  L43  D129 W90  L93  W128 2.5
 87 Gerharz, Adam        Shorewood HS             L95  W108 L24  L61  D127 W122 2.5
 88 Hambly, Jeremy       West Bend HS             W79  D42  L94  L47  W89  L57  2.5
 89 Kiiskila, Pete       Wautoma HS               L46  L34  W133 D93  L88  W121 2.5
 90 Klapper, Timberann   Kewaskum HS              F81  -H-  F47  L86  W138 W129 2.5
 91 Kristbaum, Kory      Milw Madison HS          L7   L60  D117 W115 W129 L47  2.5
 92 Lucas, Michael       Milw Juneau HS           W103 L17  L50  L62  W114 D95  2.5
 93 Nessier, Brad        Hartford Union HS        L55  L51  -B-  D89  W86  L49  2.5
 94 Ogden-Nussbaum, Anna Madison West HS          D56  W47  W88  L11  L25  L50  2.5
 95 Ruesch, Isaac        Two Rivers HS            W87  W76  L9   L10  L85  D92  2.5

 96 Baldwin, Chris       Milw Juneau HS           L33  W97  L76  W79  L20  L78  2.0
 97 Balistreri, Andrew   Milw King HS             L109 L96  W125 L110 W112 L70  2.0
 98 Bett, Corey          Milw Thomas More HS      W125 L55  L40  L78  W124 L53  2.0
 99 Blaskey, Alex        Kewaskum HS              W126 L31  L64  W124 L28  L77  2.0
100 Demming, Mike        Milw Juneau HS           L36  L119 W118 W102 L83  L65  2.0
101 Garret, Tanya        Milw School of Lang      W75  L35  L80  L26  L73  W127 2.0
102 Gauerke, Josh        Neenah HS                L113 W112 L60  L100 L122 W130 2.0
103 Gelatt, Chris        St. John's Military Acad L92  L130 L53  L126 -B-  W131 2.0
104 Gunderson, Justin    Two Rivers HS            W114 L4   W136 L41  L80  L79  2.0
105 Guzzetta, Marcus     Marquette HS             W78  L74  L16  W57  -U-  -U-  2.0
106 Handrich, Dustin     Oconomowoc MS            W115 L29  W82  L22  L30  L81  2.0
107 Hartlick, Nick       Two Rivers HS            L42  L84  W123 W119 L51  L66  2.0
108 Haygood, John        Milw North Division HS   L116 L87  L83  W139 W130 L82  2.0
109 Luebke, Adam         Neenah HS                W97  W113 L39  L36  -N-  -N-  2.0
110 Matthes, Nick        Jefferson HS             W121 L67  L38  W97  L40  L62  2.0
111 Melvovo, Corey       Milw Pulaski HS          W53  L37  W116 L68  L84  L63  2.0
112 Nielsen, Mike        Antigo HS                L11  L102 W128 L54  L97  W137 2.0
113 Puta, Matt           Two Rivers HS            W102 L109 L56  L58  W118 L54  2.0
114 Silva, John          Milw Madison HS          L104 W117 L30  L69  L92  W132 2.0
115 Starks, Javoni       Milw School of Lang      L106 L14  L121 L91  W139 W135 2.0
116 Strogolov, Slava     Milw King HS             W108 L20  L111 L70  W132 L71  2.0
117 Thimm, Jessica       Hartford Union HS        L62  L114 D91  D121 L71  W133 2.0
118 Vaughn, Jim          Antigo HS                L28  L71  L100 W133 L113 W136 2.0
119 Vidal, Jacob         Milw Tech HS             L29  W100 L8   L107 W136 L73  2.0
120 White, Joshua        Milw Vincent HS          L66  W133 L52  L77  W131 L61  2.0

121 Bleke, Christine     Oconomowoc HS            L110 L12  W115 D117 L49  L89  1.5
122 Furger, Adam         West Bend HS             L74  L70  L132 D128 W102 L87  1.5
123 Gaulke, Jason        Oconomowoc HS            L2   L72  L107 D125 L137 W138 1.5
124 Kagel, Belinda       Milw Pulaski HS          L44  W132 L33  L99  L98  D126 1.5
125 Mack, Michael        Milw Tech HS             L98  L38  L97  D123 L128 W139 1.5
126 Martin, Andre        Milw Madison HS          L99  L78  F79  W103 L79  D124 1.5
127 Schact, Sam          Kewaskum HS              L21  W138 L84  L63  D87  L101 1.5
128 Urick, Chris         Racine Walden III HS     L64  L135 L112 D122 W125 L86  1.5
129 Whitehouse, Darrick  Two Rivers HS            L67  L73  D86  W137 L91  L90  1.5

130 Anderson, Sarah      West Bend HS             L32  W103 L14  L83  L108 L102 1.0
131 Domenech, Luis       Milw Riverside HS        L37  L68  F139 W134 L120 L103 1.0
132 Griffith, Jackie     Franklin HS              L39  L124 W122 L53  L116 L114 1.0
133 Hafemann, Heather    Kewaskum HS              L41  L120 L89  L118 W134 L117 1.0
134 Larson, Robert       Oshkosh St. John Neumann L85  L25  L63  L131 L133 -B-  1.0
135 Palenski, Lauren     Milw Tech HS             L19  W128 L51  L65  L57  L115 1.0
136 Rosenthal, Adam      St. John's Military Acad W52  L32  L104 L66  L119 L118 1.0
137 Traxler, Dave        Franklin HS              L27  L13  L49  L129 W123 L112 1.0

138 Dahl, Jennafer       Milw Tech HS             L35  L127 F77  -H-  L90  L123 0.5

139 Lenzen, Jeffrey      Hartford Union HS        L5   L75  F131 L108 L115 L125 0.0
140 Pountain, Trever     West Bend HS             F57  -U-  -U-  -U-  -U-  -U-  0.0