Minutes 2/2005

WCA Board Meeting
Pete’s house, Janesville.

The meeting was called to order by President Nietman at 1:15 pm.

Members absent were: Arlen & Andy. Proxies entered: none

  1. Announcements: With the passing of GM Denker, there are problems with the funding of the Denker tournament of Champions. His greedy children are trying to siphon off his estate for their own use. One son is fighting to reestablish the funding as it was. Judith Polgar will step up and cover the expenses for both events this year.
  2. Minutes of 12/5/04 meeting: Minor corrections were noted. Motion to accept as amended (MS/PW), carries 7-0.
  3. Treasurer’s Report: Ken hands out seven pages of financial information (attached).
    1:30, Arlen arrives.
  4. 2004-05 Junior/Vet’s Financials: Mike N. hands out the financial statement for the events (attached), motion to accept (JN/PW), carries.
  5. 2004 NCO final report: Motion to table until next meeting (DG/PW), carries 7-0-1 (GH).
  6. 2004 WI Memorial final report: Jerry hands out a final report (attached). Motion to accept as amended (MS/AW), carries 7-0-1 (JN).
  7. 2005 Elo Progress: Arlen will check on the lighting levels at the Ramada. He will also check on the room rates as Guy received a cheaper rate without mentioning the tournament. Flyers are available at other events.
  8. 2005 State Closed: Selig asks for help in setting up a press release. Jerry mentions that he was “born a bs-er and a journalist’. To which Arlen pointed out that was redundant. Guy noted that Mike has yet to run for public office, and Jerry reiterated that Mike was a bs-er, not a liar. Motion to accept the budget (JN/PW), carries 7-0-1 (GH).
  9. OOB: Arlen hands out an eight page report on the website. It includes usage and other details about the site. The bandwidth was exceeded mainly due to a ‘Googlebot’ that was investigating the site. He is also fixing bugs in the calendar pages.
    Guy noted some changes to the Tour calendar:
    • Thompson Memorial will be 5/7-8
    • State Closed will be in Neenah
    • R-K Open will be 6/11-12
    • Levit Memorial will be 8/27-28
    • U.W. Fall open will be 10/8-9
  10. Insurance Renewal: Ashish Vaja’s father is an insurance agent. Rockford Insurance charged us $400+ per year. General Casualty will only extort $270 per year. Motion to use Gen. Casualty and pay the $270 (AW/MS), carries 7-0-1 (GH).
  11. Promotion ideas: The board discussed various ideas for increasing the turnout at events. Pete has done simuls in the past. USCF has promotional memberships. T-shirts and boards with the event were also discussed.
  12. WCA membership Meeting agenda: the usual stuff.
  13. Next meeting: after the membership meeting.
  14. ONB: There will be openings on the board for the next year. Pete may not run and Jerry will definitely not run. This means that the Board will need to search for a new fool to be secretary. Don Berrens is interested in being on the board.

Motion to adjourn, (GH) carries 8-0.