State Chess Champions

Wisconsin has been active on the national chess scene for longer than most other states in the union, but we seem to have come to the idea of formalizing the state champion later than our contemporaries. The earliest formal championship we've been able to find was a match that crowned Carl Eppert as the official state champion. We're still digging through archives looking to fill in the blanks, as there was active club play in the state going back to the days of Morphy and Paulsen. This list is the official list; if you have information about champions not on it, please contact us with the information.


Wisconsin State Chess Champions

1923 Carl Eppert
1924 Carl Heden
1929 Carl Anderson
1930-32 Harold Knutson
1933 Robert Reel
1934 Walter Heyn
1935 Arpad Elo
1936 Mark Surgies
1937-38 Arpad Elo
1939 Enos Wicher
1940 Arpad Elo and Enos Wicher
1941-42 Arpad Elo
1943 Averill Powers
1944 Robert Reel
1945 Arpad Elo and Averill Powers
1946 Jerome Kraszewski
1947-48-49 Richard Kujoth
1950 Arpad Elo and Averill Powers
1951 Enos Wicher
1952-53 Richard Kujoth
1954 Averill Powers
1955 Hugh Meyers
1956 Jerome Kraszewski
1957 Marshall Rohland
1958 Richard Kujoth
1959 Charles Weldon
1960 Henry Meifert
1961 Arpad Elo
1962 Allen Reiter
1963 Charles Weldon
1964 William Martz and John Dedinski
1965-66 William Martz
1967 Martin Safer
1968 William Williams
1969-70 William Martz
1971 John Anderson
1972 Peter Dorman
1973 John Anderson
1974-75 William Martz
1976 Robert Jones
1977 Josef Friedman and Peter Dorman
1978 James Ellis
1979 Charles Weldon
1980 Louis Dina
1981 Thomas Moore
1982 William Williams and Ethan Allen
1983 William Williams and Leonid Bass
1984 Peter Webster
1985 Revi Schea
1986 Thomas Moore
1987 Steven Odendahl
1988 Thomas Moore
1989 Chris Dunworth
1990 Steven Odendahl
1991 Roman Levit and David Penkalski
1992 William Williams and Josh Manion
1993 William Williams and Jeff Cooper
1994-95-96 Roman Levit
1997 Aniruddha Deshpande
1998 Aniruddha Deshpande
1999 Bryan Lilly and Jeff Cooper
2000 Alex Betaneli
2001 William Williams and Alex Betaneli
2002 William Williams and Yuan Jia Xu
2003 Bryan Lilly and Larry Butler
2004 Bryan Lilly and Yuan Jia Xu
2005 Alex Betaneli
2006 Jeremy Kane and Kelly Borman
2007 Jeremy Kane
2008 Erik Santarius
2009 Erik Santarius and Jeremy Kane
2010 Erik Santarius
2011 David Jin
2012 Alex Betaneli
2013 Erik Santarius
2014 Ben Smail and Scott Haubrich
2015 Scott Haubrich
2016 Vijay Raghavan
2017 GM Josh Friedel
2018 Joziah Rudolph
2019 Erik Santarius