Minutes 8/99

Andy Becker absent. Wayne Meier in attendance.


  1. Jeff Cooper is the State Champion on tiebreak and will accept the invitation to the Governor’s Cup in S. Dakota.
  2. The National Scholastic Chess Congress has been cancelled due to lack of interest. Only 9 people signed up.
  3. Don Schultz wrote a book, “ChessDon.” It deals with USCF, FIDE, politics, etc. A lot of WCA tie-ins also, Elo, Kramer, Rohland, and World Youth festival. Mike Nietman is giddy with excitement.
  4. 1199 names in the WCA database. 356 new names on the list, 210 of the 356 are scholastic members. Mike Nietman takes the credit. 37% of the existing names dropped off the active list.

MINUTES from the 11/8/98 Meeting: Previously missing Minutes, MOTION to accept as previously reviewed (Noel/Krummy), Carries 8-0.

MINUTES from 5/30/99 Minutes were reviewed, MOTION to accept as corrected (Brzezinski/Krummy), Carries 8-0

STATE CLOSED FINAL REPORT: Mike Selig gives the grim details of the State Closed. 67 players participated, 42 in the Open section, 25 Reserve. Jeff Cooper (1st on tiebreak) and Bryan Lilly won the Open Section, Don Stetzer won the reserve. The event had a net loss of $195.70. MOTION to accept the report, (Krummy/ Brzez), Carries 8-0. The Travel Inn has a new manager again; the whole business is in disarray possibly affecting future events there.

1999 JUNIOR/ VETERAN’S OPEN PROGRESS REPORT: The TLA’s are in, the flyers are printed. There will be a flyer folding party after the meeting. Those not helping will have their T.D. fees reduced accordingly. Mike Nietman says that things are going good. The trophies have been redone with better distribution.

1999 NORTH CENTRAL OPEN PROGRESS REPORT: Mike Selig distributed an information sheet describing what has already been done and a timetable for future actions.

1999 SCHRAMM MEMORIAL PROGRESS REPORT: Mike Nietman reports that the tla is due 9/10/99. The flyers are ready to be bundled after the meeting. Andy Becker will be the Chief T.D. A backup will be needed in case Andy has to work.

Y2K STATE PROGRESS REPORT: With Andy absent, Mike Nietman gives the situation. One room is too small, alternate arrangements have been made to accommodate the event. There is a question regarding the definition of ‘State champion’ for entry purposes. A player, who won the Reserve section, currently living out of country and eligible only for the Open section, would like to play. MOTION to define the State Champion as “A player named on the Reel Cup, State Championship trophy.” (Hoffman/ Webster), Carries 6-2 (MN, CK against).

WISCONSIN SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP: Discussion took place on the format and other details of the Old Patzer open. Guy then reminded those in attendance that 5 of the 7 in attendance at the meeting were eligible to participate.


WCA WEBSITE: John Rummel will be done at the end of ’99. MOTION to ask Arlen Walker and Joe Hitselberger to be co-webmasters effective as soon as reasonably possible, (Krummy/ Feeney), Carries 8-0.

1999 SCHOLASTIC CHAMPIONSHIP: 424 players participated under the organization of Mike Nietman and direction of Noel, Otis & Krummy, et al. This year, it was a four section, five round event. The players and coaches prefer the change. The Varsity section was a thorough butt kicking with Madison West High giving the rest of the State the boot, winning 5-0 and 185 of 200 possible game points (they were generous in the final round). 91 of the players went on to Nationals in South Dakota Tom Feeney gives a report on Nationals.

Y2K ELO BIDS: No interest so far.

(The Board takes a break to let the Secretary and President of Vice recycle adult beverages and restock.)

U.S.OPEN REPORT: Mike Nietman lists the election winners and new positions. Josh Kaul did not submit a ballot, 4 of 6 Minnesota did not vote either.

There was information regarding many meetings, most of which will be distributed in the Policy Board newsletters. Tom Feeney expressed an interest in the Scholastic Committee, at which time Guy Hoffman proclaimed Tom to be certifiably insane. Guy is now the Chairman of the States Committee (there goes that one). Guy weighs in on his meetings and workshops.


Jerry Noel nominates guy to be delegate. MOTION to close nominations, (Selig/Brzez.), Carries 7-0-1

Alternate delegates in order: Feeney, Noel, Krummy, Webster, and Brzezinski. Mike Nietman will still be the R.V.P.

  1. SASP PROPOSAL: The WCA should normally receive $591.20, however, USCF decided to halve each state’s amount. The Fall meeting we will have more information. The US Chess Trust is a possibility for the remainder. MOTION to end the Merit Award for Organizers, (Hoffman/Noel), Carries 6-1-1 (MN against, MS abstains).
  2. MERIT AWARD PROGRAM REPORT: Completed, and ended.
  3. NEXT MEETING: delayed temporarily.
  4. TOURNAMENT BIDDING PROCEDURES: Mike Selig requested a clarification for bids to be tendered and voted upon for WCA events. This is as a result of the North Central open bid of this year. MOTION “If there are more than one bid entered, there will be a secret ballot with ALL board members voting. If there are three or more bids, the top two will reballot to determine the bid award.” (Selig/Feeney) Carries 7-1 (Nietman against).
  5. DATE FOR FUTURE STATE CLOSED: MOTION (SELIG/FEENEY) Effective 2001 the dates for the State Closed Championship will no longer be Memorial Day weekend.

Brian Brzezinski enters a motion to amend the Selig motion that: Organizers have the option of moving the tournament from memorial Day weekend. Motion to amend is considered friendly.

Motions carry 7-0-1 (Noel abstains).