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WI High School Online Rapid State Championship
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MARCH 21st, 2021


FORMAT AND TIME CONTROL: This is a single day team event. Teams will be comprised of five players each. See "eligibility" below for details on who qualifies to be on a team. 5 double rounds of G15+5 in one open section, run as a swiss. Each team member will play a game with White and a game with Black against the same board number from the opposing team (e.g., board 1 must play against the other team’s board 1).  Round 1: 10 AM, Round 2: 12 PM, Round 3: 2 PM Round 4: 4 PM, Round 5: 6 PM. US Chess membership is not required to play in this event.


TO ENTER: WI High School Online Rapid State Championship (kingregistration.com)


TEAM RULES: Players must play in rating order. Players within 50 rating points of each other may permanently switch positions prior to the tournament. Teams will be seeded based on a team rating derived from the higher of either lichess.org rapid ratings or US Chess ratings. For US Chess ratings the March rating supplement will be used. The determination to use lichess.org or US Chess ratings for team averages will be made the Friday before the event.


PLAYING SITE: All match play will take place on https://lichess.org/. Based on current local COVID guidelines as of the event date, teams are encouraged, but not required, to play together from a communal site (i.e., their school, a library, etc.). All participants are required to join a Zoom meeting with the organizers for the duration of the event. Multiple players in the same location will be able to join via a single call.


ELIGIBILITY: All high school teams must be composed of entirely 9th through 12th grade players in Wisconsin. All players must be from the same school. If a high school does not have a 9th grade, then they may tap 9th graders from eligible feeder schools. A home school or virtual school student may play on either a public or private school team. To play on a public school team the student must live within the attendance boundary (not district) from which that public school draws. Any private school seeking to have these students on their team must use the same public school attendance boundary in which their school building is located. Players from outside their boundaries are not allowed to play on that school’s team. Home schooled students are considered to be in 9th grade when they are 14 as of September 1st of the school year. Players must be under age 19 as of September 1st of the school year.


PRIZES: Team trophies will be awarded to the top 5 teams. Each member on the top 5 teams will receive an individual trophy in addition to a cup trophy for their school. There will also be board trophies for the top five score-earners at each board (in event of ties here, each player in the tie gets a trophy). In the event of team ties for any of the top five places, there will be a playoff blitz match between the tied teams. This match will have a time control of G3+2 where each board plays one game against the equivalent board from the opposing team. All trophies will be mailed to the schools after fair play checks have been completed. These checks are done through the proprietary methods used by lichess.org. All potential fair play violations will be reviewed by the tournament organizers.


ENTRY FEE + REGISTRATION: $150 per team. Up to 32 teams may participate in this event. Register online at https://www.kingregistration.com/event/WIHighschool. Teams must register as teams, and registration must be filed by an adult representative that has been designated by the team (coaches, parents, etc.). No individual registrations. Registration opens on March 1st and closes on March 10th. If all 32 team spots are not filled by March 10th, schools that have already entered one team will be allowed to enter a second team.


QUESTIONS: Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.


SPONSOR: This event is being sponsored by the IAC (International Academy of Chess) witth the endorsement of the Wisconsin Chess Association.

Location Online
This event is open only to WI Teams. It IS NOT US Chess rated.