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Wisconsin State Scholastic Championship
Contact Mike Nietman, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 608-467-8510 (before Friday, March 18

2022 Wisconsin State Scholastic Championships

March 19-20, 2022

Reeve Memorial Union, UW-Oshkosh

Please note important changes to the Varsity Section

Masks required in all UW-Oshkosh buildings

SCHEDULE: The Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Championship is a four-section event open to any Wisconsin high school, middle school, junior high school or elementary school team or individual. Players of all abilities are encouraged to participate. Please note that US Chess membership is not required for this event nor is it US Chess rated. US Chess ratings will be used for pairing purposes if the player has one.

The single Varsity section is a five-player boarded team, team Swiss tournament based on match points. Accelerated pairings will be used for the first two rounds. Schools may enter multiple teams in the Varsity section. For prize purposes only, the Varsity section will be divided into three equally sized divisions based on team rating which is the average of your five players’ US Chess ratings.

The Junior Varsity, K-8 and K-5 sections are individual Swiss tournaments with participation limited to any student in grades K-12, K-8 or K-5 respectively. School team (top four scores) and individual prizes are available. High school teams do not need to have a varsity team to play in the JV.

The Varsity section will play 5 rounds. The Junior Varsity, K-8 and K-5 sections will play 6 rounds.



Round 1 - 9:30 

Round 2 - 1:15 

Round 3 - 5:00 


Round 4 - 9:00 

Round 5 - 12:30 

Junior Varsity, K-8 and K-5 


Round 1 - 9:30

Round 2 - Noon

Round 3 - 2:30

Round 4 - 5:00


Round 5 - 9:00 

Round 6 - 12:30 

Award's Ceremony in varsity playing room approximately 4:00 P.M.

The time control for Varsity is Game in 60 minutes plus a 30 second increment (not delay). This necessitates taking notation for the entire game.

The time control for the JV, K-8 and K-5 is Game in 60 minutes for rounds 1-4 and G/90 for rounds 5 and 6. A 5 second delay should be set on digital clocks, do not subtract any time if using the delay. Clocks will be available for checkout. Please have your players bring a student ID, US Chess membership card, driver's license or other form of ID to check out these clocks.

US CHESS TEAM RULES: Please refer to section 31 of the US Chess’ Official Rules of Chess for a full explanation of team rules. In particular, players must play in rating order (Rule 31B). Unrateds may play on any board (Rule 31B2). Players within 50 rating points of each other may permanently switch positions prior to the tournament. Teams will be seeded based on a team rating derived from the rating average of the five players. Rule 31C1 will be used to calculate team ratings when unrateds are involved. The March rating supplement will be used. March ratings should be available at www.uschess.org/msa in late February.

ELIGIBILITY: All Varsity teams must be composed of entirely 9th through 12th graders or 8th graders and below. All players must be from the same school unless that school does not have students covering all the grades in any section. If a high school does not have a 9th grade, then they may tap 9th graders from eligible feeder schools. Students in grades K-8 may play as a team in a Varsity section if from the same school or in the individual Junior Varsity, K-8 or K-5 sections. Only Wisconsin students are eligible.

A home school or virtual school student may play on either a public or private school team. To play on a public school team the student must live within the attendance boundary (not district) from which that public school draws. Any private school seeking to have these students on their team must use the same public school attendance boundary in which their school building is located. Players from outside their boundaries are not allowed to play on that school’s team. Home schooled students are considered to be in 9th grade when they are 14 as of September 1st of the school year. Players must be under age 19 as of September 1st of the school year.

PLAYING SITE: The playing site is the Reeve Memorial Student Union, UW-Oshkosh, 800 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh, WI. The Varsity divisions will play in rooms 227B and C. The Junior Varsity will play in Room 227A. The K-8 and K-5 sections will play in room 202. The skittles room will be Reeve Union cafeteria. Please bring your own sets and boards for the skittles room. Room 221 will be the Tournament Director’s room with limited skittle’s seating. Day parking can be found in lot 15 across the street from Reeve Union and is free on the weekend. The Reeve Union Marketplace Sub Connection will be open both days 8:30 am – 1:30 pm. The Pizza Hut will be open 11 am – 1:30 pm. The Titan Underground will be open 10 am – 2 pm both weekend days.

PRIZES: Trophies will be awarded to the top eight Division I teams, top six Division II teams and the top four Division III teams; first place team members and their coach and each board champion (including all ties!). In each of the Junior Varsity, K-8 and K-5 sections, the top ten individuals and the top six teams will be awarded trophies. The state championship title and traveling trophies will be presented to the Varsity, K-8 and K-5 team champions. If a tie exists in the Varsity section, a speed chess playoff will determine the champion. If a tie in the playoff exists, an Armageddon speed playoff between one representative from the two teams will determine the champion. Any non-trophy winning Varsity individual who scores at least 3 points or any non-trophy winning Junior Varsity, K-8 or K-5 individual who scores at least 3.5 points will be awarded a medal. All entrants in the K-5 section will receive a participation certificate.

ENTRY FEE: The early bird entry fee is $20 per player if received by the director by March 12. Entries received March 13 - March 18 are $25. If you’re not sure of your exact order of players, please send a tentative list and then finalize it with an evening phone call or e-mail before the tournament or during at-site registration. The at-site registration fee is $30 per player. At site registration session I will be held 7-9 P.M. Friday, March 18 in the Conference Room in Gruenhagen for teams arriving Friday night. At site registration session II is from 7:30-8:30 A.M. Saturday, March 19 in room 221 of Reeve Union. Rosters need to be finalized by 8:30 A.M. Saturday, March 19 to ensure the first round starts at 9:30 A.M. No need to check in if there are no changes to what was sent in. If possible, PLEASE register in advance by using the enclosed form. Online registration is available for the JV, K-8 and K-5 at King Registration. Phone inquiries can be made before Friday, March 19 to Mike Nietman at (608) 467-8510 or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Players who pre-register but then cannot play will have their entry fee refunded only if the director is notified before the end of at-site registration. Up-to-date entries will be viewable on the Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Championship website. Sorry, I’m not able to accept credit cards or PO’s, cash or check only.

EQUIPMENT: Please bring boards and sets for your Varsity players. Boards and sets for the JV, K-8 and K-5 sections will be provided. Please bring clocks for all main and side events. Please bring sets and boards for your players to use in the skittles area. Please mark all of your equipment for ease of returning lost and found equipment.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Dorm rooms are available at Gruenhagen Conference Center, about a four minute walk from Reeve Union. Dorm rooms are available for $40 single or double plus a 10% room tax. Dorm rooms include two towels, a washcloth, soap and linens per bed. To reserve your rooms, please call Gruenhagen directly at (920) 424-1106. Mention chess. Gruenhagen asks that one person per team pay for the rooms and pick up the keys. Please note that Gruenhagen charges $25 for lost keys. There is a 5 P.M. Friday, March 11 cutoff for lodging room reservations. Making this deadline will better assure you of having your team stay together or even to get a room! Reserve rooms early. Due to UW-O students housing in Gruenhagen, space may be limited. Make lodging checks out to “UW-Oshkosh”. A 24-hour cancellation policy exists. You will be charged one night’s lodging for rooms booked but not taken upon check in.

PARKING: For parking around Gruenhagen cars should use the High Avenue ramp on the corner of High and Osceola Streets. Please use level 1 or 3. Level 2 is reserved for resident students. Other possible parking locations include Lot 30 at the end Gruenhagen. Day parking is free on the weekend but UW-O now charges $5 for overnight parking. Purchase permits in advance at: Parking Services (aimsparking.com). Click on: ‘Purchase a Permit’ then ‘Weekend Visitor Permit’. Day parking can be in lot 15 on Algoma Blvd. across from Reeve Union.

TEAM ROOMS: A limited number of team rooms are available in Reeve Union. To book a room, contact Reeve Reservations / 920-424-2435 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For team rooms at Gruenhagen, contact Sarah Martin Kriha at 920-424-1121.

Location Reeve Memorial Union, UW-Oshkosh
The official State Scholastic Championship as approved by the Wisconsin Chess Association! For a full flyer including a hard copy of the entry form, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..