Active flyers we have received for events in Wisconsin

The State Scholastic Chess Championships are held every year in the spring, toward the end of the school year. They began in Milwaukee but moved to Oskosh to be more accessible to schools in the rest of the state.

The Arpad Elo Memorial actually began as the Elo Open while Arpad Elo was still alive. After his death it moved to Madison for many years before becoming a roving tournament.

This tournament is held in the fall every year, just after the school year begins.

This is a closed tournament, open only to residents of Wisconsin and past champions. It started out being held in early May, moved to Memorial Day weekend for many years, and gradually moved to Labor Day weekend.

This tournament began in 1954 as an unofficial regional championship of the US Chess Federation (the name of the region was North Central). It was won several time by Wiiliam Martz, and after his death it was run for many years with the second name of William Martz Memorial.

This tournament is held simultaneously with the Junior Open, at the same site.

This tournament began as the Herman Schramm Memorial, but has lately been held in honor of the All notable Wisconsin chess players who have passed on.