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Hales Corners Challenge XXXII (10/03)

2000 Scholastic Championships - Junior Varsity Reserve


Speaking With Authority

The voice of Milwaukee School of Languages was heard in the Junior Varsity Reserve section, as they won handily, by 1.5 points over their nearest rival, Fond du Lac Chegwin.

Individual honors went to Andrew Lietz of Thiensville Steffen Middle School, who finished with a perfect 6-0 score.

Junior Varsity Reserve Team Standings

PlcName (Players:Top 4 used)Score
1 Milw School of Languages (5) 19.0
2 Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem School (18) 17.5
3 Marion Elem School (11) 16.5
4 Madison Hamilton Middle School (5) 15.0
5 St. Johns NW Military Academy (7) 14.5
6 University School of Milw (5) 13.5
7 Milw Morse Middle School (6) 11.5
8 Madison Sherman Middle School (7) 11.0
9 Thiensville Steffen Middle School (2) 10.0
10-11 Racine Walden III School (2) 6.5
10-11 Jefferson Middle School (3) 6.5
12-14 Valders Middle School (2) 4.5
12-14 Cedar Grove (3) 4.5
12-14 Milw Walker Middle School (1) 4.5
15 Mequon Rangeline Elem (1) 4.0
16 Manitowoc Junior High School (1) 3.0

Junior Varsity Reserve Individual Results

NoNameTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6PtsMMED
1 LIETZ,Andrew Thiensville Steffen MS W23 W46 W8 W16 W9 W4 6.0 22.0
2 HER,Hindson Milw School of Lang W45 W7 W3 D9 W22 W14 5.5 22.0
3 ARDERN,Colin Univ School of Milw W36 W38 L2 W40 W24 W15 5.0 19.5
4 HER,Lou Milw School of Lang W74 W41 W29 W47 W17 L1 5.0 19.0
5 GUNDLACH,Jason Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem L19 W63 W58 W43 W18 W17 5.0 17.0
6 PAISER,Aaron Marion Elem L47 W78 W57 W38 W20 W22 5.0 15.5
7 FAHEY,Tom St. Johns NW Mil Acad W31 L2 D42 W53 W27 W48 4.5
8 HER,Sou Milw School of Lang W44 W34 L1 W39 W16 D10 4.5
9 LI,Ang Racine Walden III School W48 W11 W13 D2 L1 W28 4.5
10 SPAETH,Nathan Milw Morse MS W64 W21 L14 W36 W32 D8 4.5
11 WATERMAN,Derik Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem W73 L9 W66 D27 W25 W26 4.5
12 BHATNAGAR,Gaurav Mequon Rangeline Elem L49 W74 L24 W57 W38 W47 4.0
13 BREHM,Jordan Marion Elem W66 W68 L9 L24 W46 W39 4.0
14 CALABRESE,Frank St. Johns NW Mil Acad W61 W70 W10 L22 W44 L2 4.0
15 DANG,Christina Milw School of Lang W54 W39 L16 W49 W47 L3 4.0
16 HOLM,Leanne Madison Hamilton MS W33 W40 W15 L1 L8 W32 4.0
17 HOLM,Stephen Madison Hamilton MS W25 W30 W32 W51 L4 L5 4.0
18 KANE,Jeremy Madison Hamilton MS D65 W69 D20 W21 L5 W30 4.0
19 LIETZ,Christopher Thiensville Steffen MS W5 L51 W45 L44 W29 W49 4.0
20 LYNK,Rodney Milw School of Lang D51 W56 D18 W34 L6 W37 4.0
21 MILLER,Joshua Marion Elem W77 L10 W35 L18 W54 W44 4.0
22 PAPPLE,Cody Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem W56 W43 W28 W14 L2 L6 4.0
23 SCHWARTZ,Zach Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem L1 W64 L39 W58 W33 W43 4.0
24 SODEMANN,Jason Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem L29 W60 W12 W13 L3 W34 4.0
25 ALBERT,Andy Marion Elem L17 D26 W77 W42 L11 W53 3.5
26 ECHOLS,Melvin Milw Morse MS L34 D25 W72 W65 W51 L11 3.5
27 KOVACH,Steven Marion Elem W42 W58 L47 D11 L7 W51 3.5
28 LAST,Robbie Madison Sherman Elem D53 W76 L22 W31 W30 L9 3.5
29 ALEXANDER,Kelsen Madison Sherman Elem W24 W35 L4 L32 L19 W69 3.0
30 BABBITT,Nicholas Milw Morse MS W75 L17 W46 W33 L28 L18 3.0
31 BERTRAM,Jeremy Marion Elem L7 D72 W76 L28 W69 D42 3.0
32 BLUM,Jesse Marion Elem W67 W37 L17 W29 L10 L16 3.0
33 BOWEN,John Univ School of Milw L16 W50 W68 L30 L23 W58 3.0
34 CROWELL,Ben St. Johns NW Mil Acad W26 L8 W70 L20 W36 L24 3.0
35 CROWELL,Mark St. Johns NW Mil Acad W57 L29 L21 L48 W70 W59 3.0
36 GOEBEL,Travis Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem L3 W52 W41 L10 L34 W64 3.0
37 GUNDLACH,Ben Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem W71 L32 L40 W60 W59 L20 3.0
38 HENNING, Jessie Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem W72 L3 W54 L6 L12 W55 3.0
39 LANGE,Chloe Univ School of Milw W50 L15 W23 L8 W66 L13 3.0
40 PATTERSON,Richard Jefferson MS W52 L16 W37 L3 L48 W60 3.0
41 RADES,Paul Marion Elem W59 L4 L36 W64 L43 W67 3.0
42 REIM, Brett Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem L27 W75 D7 L25 W72 D31 3.0
43 ROGEN,Sean St. Johns NW Mil Acad W63 L22 W67 L5 W41 L23 3.0
44 SCHIESSER,Nathan Madison Hamilton MS L8 W62 W61 W19 L14 L21 3.0
45 SCHNEIDER,Anthony Milw Morse MS L2 W59 L19 L61 W57 W65 3.0
46 STEINMETZ,Toni Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem W55 L1 L30 W62 L13 W56 3.0
47 SWIGGUM,Joseph Madison Hamilton MS W6 W49 W27 L4 L15 L12 3.0
48 WEDZICHA,Johnny Manitowoc Junior HS L9 W77 L49 W35 W40 L7 3.0
49 WILLIAMS,Andrew Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem W12 L47 W48 L15 W71 L19 3.0
50 ALEXANDER,Courtney Madison Sherman Elem L39 L33 D52 W76 L53 W72 2.5
51 ARDERN,Ethan Univ School of Milw D20 W19 W65 L17 L26 L27 2.5
52 GILE,Tyler Univ School of Milw L40 L36 D50 L72 W79 W71 2.5
53 KALLATH,Kirk Valders MS D28 L65 W69 L7 W50 L25 2.5
54 BABCOCK,Peter Jefferson MS L15 W71 L38 W70 L21 F66 2.0
55 FRITZ,Tom Marion Elem L46 L67 W74 L66 W77 L38 2.0
56 GORSKE,Alex Racine Walden III School L22 L20 L62 W73 W75 L46 2.0
57 GUNDLACH,Ted Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem L35 -B- L6 L12 L45 W75 2.0
58 KURTH,Jeff Madison Sherman Elem W79 L27 L5 L23 W76 L33 2.0
59 LAST,Daniel Madison Sherman Elem L41 L45 W79 W63 L37 L35 2.0
60 LEVIEN,Mike St. Johns NW Mil Acad L70 L24 -B- L37 W62 L40 2.0
61 LOUKES,Hannah Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem L14 W73 L44 W45 -N- -N- 2.0
62 MORALES,Jonathan Milw Morse MS L68 L44 W56 L46 L60 X77 2.0
63 OTTO,Paul Valders MS L43 L5 W75 L59 L64 W73 2.0
64 REED,Christopher Milw Morse MS L10 L23 W78 L41 W63 L36 2.0
65 RICE,Ian St. Johns NW Mil Acad D18 W53 L51 L26 D67 L45 2.0
66 SEIDER,Lora Cedar Grove L13 W79 L11 W55 L39 F54 2.0
67 SIMMONS,Levi Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem L32 W55 L43 D71 D65 L41 2.0
68 CURCURIO,Joe Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem W62 L13 L33 -H- -N- -N- 1.5
69 MATTHES,Zack Jefferson MS D76 L18 L53 W79 L31 L29 1.5
70 PAISER,Nichole Marion Elem W60 L14 L34 L54 L35 D76 1.5
71 QUINTEROS,Javier Milw Morse MS L37 L54 W73 D67 L49 L52 1.5
72 SEIDER,Kelly Cedar Grove L38 D31 L26 W52 L42 L50 1.5
73 ALEXANDER,Arren Madison Sherman Elem L11 L61 L71 L56 W74 L63 1.0
74 DEUNCK,Jenny Cedar Grove L4 L12 L55 L77 L73 W79 1.0
75 LAST,Patrick Madison Sherman Elem L30 L42 L63 W78 L56 L57 1.0
76 THEIS,Tyler Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem D69 L28 L31 L50 L58 D70 1.0
77 WILLIAMS,Elliot Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem L21 L48 L25 W74 L55 F62 1.0
78 LIECHT,Andrew Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem -N- L6 L64 L75 -N- -N- 0.0
79 RADES,Beth Marion Elem L58 L66 L59 L69 L52 L74 0.0