Memories of Greg Knutson

  • Written by Don Hwang
  • Published: 16 November 2004
  • Last Updated: 14 April 2009

On July 28, 1996, my friend died. To the members of the chess community who did not know former USCF Master Gregory A. Knutson I offer my deepest sympathy. They shall never know the kind soul who brought gentle humor and intellectual challenge into my life. Greg was a man of many talents and a broad range of interests. Most of us are familiar with his chess playing ability, but many are unaware that he was also a 2-dan Amateur (Master) of Go and that it was his true love. Perhaps, it was his lifelong interest in Mathematics which propelled him toward a game in which logic was not the determining factor in mastery, but intuition, passion and unrestricted imagination. Nor are many people aware of the fact that he was an expert at backgammon and bridge.

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MMCA Summer Open 1996

  • Written by Don Hwang
  • Published: 16 November 2004
  • Last Updated: 14 April 2009

The MMCA Summer Open held on June 22 was quite an enjoyable event for me. The relaxed atmosphere, fast time control and excellent tournament direction by NM Bill Williams helped me to play my best and I ended up undefeated at 3 1/2. I tied for second with my friend, Lawrence Butler. Congratulations to NM Roman Levit on winning the event with a perfect score of 4. Although I was proud of my result, I was overjoyed when my student, Leanne Holm, age 9, won her first two games against much higher rated opponents. She was leading me by half a point! Ms. Holm ended up winning her class and scoring the upset prize! She has annotated her wins below and I have added additional notes.

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  • Written by Mark Hando
  • Published: 16 November 2004
  • Last Updated: 12 May 2009

White: Mark Hando

Black: FM Emory Tate

William Martz Memorial/North Central Open

Round 6, Board 1

(Java-based game viewer) Read more: Hando-Tate

Kane, Biareishyk win Junior

  • Written by Arlen
  • Published: 10 November 2004
  • Last Updated: 27 June 2012
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Jeremy Kane and Siarhei Biareishyk tied for first place in the 2004 Wisconsin Junior Open Championship, and will have a playoff match to determine which of the two represents Wisconsin in the Arnold Denker Tournament of High School Champions.

Andrew Stevens was the sole winner of the Reserve section, while Chasue Lee and Marvin Johnson tied fro first place in the Beginner's section, all of them with similar perfect scores.


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